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Transportation of Children with Special Health Care Needs

A new program from REMSA's Point of Impact, community leaders in Child Passenger Safety.

Point of Impact is pleased to announce the addition of its newest program, aimed at educating parents of children with special health care needs on safe transportation options and providing solutions to address the unique challenges faced by parents and caregivers in transporting their special needs children.

Whether a child is experiencing a temporary medical condition that requires special transportation considerations or has a permanent medical condition that will present continued transportation challenges, Point of Impact is available to offer education and solutions.

Since 1998, REMSA's Point of Impact Program has helped our community's children ride more safely by providing parents and caregivers with car seat education and installation services.

Because all children deserve safe travels.


Transportation of Children with Special Health Care Needs Program FAQ:

What services will be offered?
For children with temporary health needs, Point of Impact will determine whether a standard car seat will be appropriate.  If not, we may provide a loaner seat for the duration of the child's medical condition.

For children with permanent needs or disabilities, Point of Impact will recommend car seats appropriate for transporting that child, then assist the parent in obtaining that seat.  If necessary, a standard car seat may be loaned to the family until the special needs car seat arrives.

How do I receive service?
Obtain a Pre-Contact/Referral form from Point of Impact or from your health care provider.  Complete the information on the form before you call to make your Transportation Assessment appointment.  There is a lot of information the program representative will need before your appointment to provide the best service, and the Pre-Contact/Referral form will help you gather this information.

What will happen at my Transportation Assessment appointment?
A program representative will meet with you to assess your current transportation situation.  Based on a number of factors including your child's medical need, the program representative will recommend one or more car seats.  If a loaner seat is required, the program representative will help the parent complete the appropriate paperwork and educate the parent on proper installation of the loaner seat.  If a special needs or medical seat is required, the program representative will help the parent order that seat. A second appointment may be required to install the special needs seat when it arrives.

In addition, the program representative will check car seats for all the family's children to make sure they are all properly used and installed.

Should I bring my child to the appointment?
It is helpful--but not necessary--to bring your child to your appointment. 

How will the loaner program work?
At the time of the loan, the parent will provide Point of Impact with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) number or a personal check for the replacement cost of the seat, post-dated to the date the seat should be returned.  In the event the seat is not returned as agreed upon, or returned in an unusable condition, Point of Impact will charge the parent's credit card or cash the check.

I cannot afford the special needs seat my child requires.  Will Point of Impact provide one for me?
Unfortunately, no.  Because special needs car seats can be very expensive ($700 and up), it is not possible for Point of Impact to provide these seats free of charge. However, we may be able to direct you to some community resources that may be able to help.

Questions? For more information about our
Child Passenger Safety programs, contact:

Vickie Fisher, CPST-I
Point of Impact Program Coordinator
(775) 858-5700 extension 6226

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