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REMSA Ground Operations

Each REMSA ambulance is staffed with either a Paramedic or EMS-RN and an EMT-Intermediate, and is equipped with the most advanced, life support equipment available. Paramedic ambulances provide national caliber service under the strictest criteria.
  • Paramedic units must respond within eight minutes, at least 90 percent of the time to life threatening emergencies. REMSA consistently surpasses these goals.
  • Paramedics have extensive training and certification in areas including Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation and Trauma Life Support.
  • REMSA's paramedic units provide service to all in need. It does so on a self-supporting basis through user fees only. There are no taxpayer or government subsidies.

Special Events Coverage

Regardless of the size, location or logistics of your event, the Professionals at REMSA can assist you in tailoring a cost-effective medical and emergency coverage service plan to meet your needs. Our event professionals are specialists in working with your event organizers from the early planning stages to the actual event.

Special Event Crew

For small or large events, REMSA can provide:

  • -Emergency Medical Technicians, paramedics, or registered nurses and physicians.
  • -Advanced life support or basic life support level care.
  • -Professionals on foot, bike, emergency medical carts and/or by ambulance to ensure your participants the most responsive and cost-effective care when seconds count.
  • -Stationery aid stations providing everything from first aid to physician level services.

From concerts to school sporting events or from company functions to community events such as the Reno Rodeo and the National Championship Air Races, REMSA can help provide you, and your event participants, with better service and greater safety.

Call us at 775-353-0738 or email us at seweb@remsa-cf.com to schedule coverage for your event.

Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS)

The Regional EMS Authority has trained and placed a highly experienced group of paramedics with local police Special Weapons and Tactics Teams (SWAT). This team is comprised of 8 specially trained, tactical paramedics and nurses, as well as a team leader and team commander, who operate under an expanded scope of practice, overseen by the REMSA Medical Director. The team provides advanced emergency medical care while on scene during police activities to injured officers, hostages, suspects, and the general public.

Begun in 1997, the TEMS (Tactical Emergency Medical Support) team has responded to 96 call outs and participated in 190 trainings in the past two years.

Equipped with special medical gear, team members attend all SWAT trainings and call-outs. Team members are required to maintain the same excellent physical condition as all other SWAT team members.

Tactical Paramedics areas of expertise include:

  • -Preventative medicine for SWAT members
    (pre-event medical exams, 12 lead ECG screening, nutrition and hydration logistics).
  • -Medicine for extended operations.
  • -Clandestine drug laboratory raids and their medical affects.
  • -Care under fire / Tactical combat casualty care.
  • -Medical care in barricade situations.
  • -Medical planning and intelligence.
  • -Wounding effects of lethal and less-lethal weapons.
  • -Crime scene preservation.
  • -Weapons of mass destruction (WMD) / terrorism incidents.
  • -Active shooter / school shooting incidents.

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The TEMS team is integrated into the Sparks Police Department SWAT, Washoe County Sheriff's Office SWAT, and the Reno Police Department SWAT

The TEMS team provides support as needed to the FBI, Secret Service, DEA, ICE, US Marshals, and rural police agencies in the northern Nevada and northeastern California area

Our Tactical Paramedics are chosen through an intensive interview process, which includes representatives from the local SWAT teams. All candidates must have had numerous years of high volume EMS experience. If chosen as a team member, the paramedic must stay active as a full time REMSA paramedic and attend a nationally recognized training course such as TOMS (Tactical Operational Medical Support) put on by REMSA.

Communication Center

NAED Ace certification logo

REMSA's Communication Center is staffed by highly trained Emergency Medical Dispatchers with paramedic or EMT-Intermediate medical training who utilize state of the art technology to efficiently and quickly answer 911 calls and dispatch the appropriate ground or helicopter ambulance. This allows REMSA to respond to the changing needs of the community at any given time.

People who call 9-1-1 for an ambulance are fortunate to have these certified medical dispatchers on the other end of the line. They give instructions to help the patient until REMSA arrives. Our pre-arrival instructions can include doing CPR, delivering a baby or removing an object from the throat of a choking child. REMSA's specially trained paramedics and EMT-Intermediates simultaneously dispatch REMSA's ground paramedic ambulances and Care Flight, while giving lifesaving instructions to the caller.

REMSA's medical dispatchers have hundreds of hours of specialized medical dispatch training and are certified to ensure quality care when you call. The 9-1-1 medical dispatchers coordinate all emergency medical responses to meet the needs of patients in a cost-effective manner. Medical dispatchers also provide critical medical communication between the area hospitals, Care Flight and ground ambulance units throughout northern Nevada and California.

The REMSA Communications Center was awarded the Accredited Center of Excellence from the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch (NAEMD) in 2001 and has undergone three re-accreditations since then. There are not many dispatch centers across the entire world who have achieved this honor and REMSA is the only accredited communications center in Nevada.


REMSA Logistics Team

The Logistics Department / VST (Vehicle Supply Technician) Program is a critical support function. Logistics is staffed 24/7 by a dedicated group of people who are responsible for restocking all the supplies and equipment on every ambulance. Logistics interacts closely with Operations, Fleet Maintenance and the Communications Center to ensure units are available to meet the daily schedule and utilized in the best manner possible with minimal downtime.

At the beginning of a field Paramedic shift, the Logistics department issues a fully stocked ambulance with all the necessary supporting equipment, including portable radios, cardiac monitors and first out and airway bags.

Upon the field crews return at the end of shift, the Logistics personnel restock all the items/equipment used and washes the vehicle. This design of having a specific group of people restocking the ambulances assures proper inventory levels are consistently obtained to meet the needs of the organization.

The Logistics Department is responsible for all medical supply ordering for the organization, including Care Flight and SEMSA. The Logisitics Department is also responsible for retrieving and cleaning the backboards and related equipment from local hospitals so that they can be placed rapidly back into the system.

Fleet Maintenance

REMSA's Fleet Maintenance department keeps the fleet of 42 ambulances and several supervisor and support vehicles running 24/7. The mechanics performs all vehicle maintenance and repair work for critical failures in-house, except major body repair and vehicle towing. This practice allows us to control the quality of work on our units and related costs. Direct control of maintenance guarantees that our units are safe, reliable and available in numbers sufficient to meet normal as well as extraordinary demands.

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    REMSA offers and supports many community outreach programs, including: Community AED programs, Safe Kids of Washoe County, Flu & Pneumonia Vaccinations, and Membership Programs.


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